HSPG Academy is a higher education program that offers new opportunities to study abroad in the UK and work-study degree with apprenticeship. HSPG Academy has two programs called foundation or pre university collaborating with City College Plymouth and undergraduate programs collaborating with Educlaas.


collaboration with

The Foundation Program with CCP is better known as the “Premier Student Exchange Program” where this program is aimed at those who have not met the requirements for entering universities abroad.

For example: those who take the IGCSE program but the grades and requirements are inadequate, those who take the A level program but the grades are still inadequate, or those curriculum program where you have to take foundation if you want to enter a university abroad.

CCP has two major pathways, including the Science Pathway and the Business Pathway. In the Science Pathway itself, you will learn biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, English and other academic skills, while in the Business Pathway you will find an introduction to business, accounting, finance, mathematics and other academic skills. CCP also provides strengthening for economics, science, psychology and cyber security.

This program is held in the City of Plymouth, UK with a duration of 24 weeks. Graduates of this foundation program will also receive a UK UQF Level 3 Certificate or the equivalent of A Level who take the national

The foundation program with CCP would be held in the 6 months in Plymouth, UK.This program is also called “PREMIER STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME”.

Students who have Indonesia certificate of senior high school (Ijazah SMA), IGCSE Certificate and Unsatisfied result of A level certificate can join this program.

At the end of the program, students will obtain the UQF level 3 certificate that is equivalent to A level certificate.

The implementation of learning lectures is very flexible, which can be done ONLINE.

However, this lecture requires us to be active with an attendance percentage of 90%.